What kinds of accident costs does auto insurance cover in Arlington?

Arlington, LA Auto insurance is necessary for drivers to protect themselves and others in the event of an accident. Drivers pay into policies so that they will not need to pay their own money to cover costs that result from their negligence. However, not all kinds of coverage are required by law and drivers need to assess whether they need to pay for various kinds of protection that insurance providers offer. 

Liability coverage

This is the type of coverage that is required by law in all states in the U.S., including Louisiana. Each driver must pay for insurance that will cover up to several thousand dollars worth of property damage and bodily injuries that they cause during a car accident. This prevents the driver from being personally liable for most accidents, however it is still possible that they cause a severe accident, the insurance policy does not cover all of the damage through a liability policy, and they are sued for the outstanding amount. 

Collision damage

While not required by law, someone who has a loan or financed car may need insurance that covers collision damage to their own car. This is called collision insurance, and it is often added to a policy at an additional cost after liability insurance. If an accident happens, there will normally be a review by an adjuster, the car owner will need to pay a deductible up front, then the insurance company will pay to repair the rest of the damage. 

Comprehensive coverage

This is another optional form of coverage that is usually only necessary if the person is worried about certain other kinds of damage to their car. Things like theft, vandalism, severe weather, and other ways that the car can be damaged aside from a crash are covered under a comprehensive policy. The driver will have to make their own determination regarding whether the risks of these kinds of damage justify paying for additional coverage. 

Commercial driver insurance

Companies that have fleets of vehicles or employees who drive for extended periods of time will need to purchase coverage that reflects the high risk of driving for long hours. In most cases, the driver’s employer will need to cover these costs, and they would be named as the defendant in a lawsuit if there was an accident rather than the individual driver. 

Lawyers are available to assist with accident lawsuits

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