Scotlandville, LACar accidents create several different financial problems for victims. They will need to pay for any medical treatment that they have received, they may miss time from work, there will be property damage to the vehicle, and it is possible that there can be additional financial consequences in the future. A negligence lawsuit against the driver responsible may be the best way for the victim to pay these costs, even if they have auto insurance. A discussion with an injury attorney in Louisiana can help the victim decide on a course of action. 

Property damage and car repairs

Many drivers will have collision damage coverage on their auto insurance policy. The driver will pay an initial deductible, then the insurance company will cover the rest of the damage. However, collision coverage is not required by law, and many lenders will only require a collision policy if the car is financed through a loan or lien. During the accident lawsuit, it may be possible for the attorney to add up all of the costs of repairs and argue that the defendant should be financially responsible for paying as a form of economic damages.  

Healthcare costs

Another part of economic damages is the process for the victim to get paid for all of their medical treatment and related costs such as recovery through physical therapy and hospitalization after the incident. If there are long term or life changing injuries, the victim may also project the future healthcare costs related to these problems to receive additional compensation. A lawsuit is usually necessary for crashes that cause serious injuries because the insurance policy may not have sufficient coverage for large medical bills. 

Lost wages and career problems

While the victim is recovering, they will probably miss time from work and they may lose their normal wages during this period. If the victim is disabled or has some other kind of serious limitations imposed by their injuries, they may not be able to work as normal in the future as well. Both the immediate and future losses tied to not being able to work are part of economic damages. 

Non-economic damages

The victim’s attorney can ask for non-economic losses tied to the victim’s physical pain, trauma, and mental health issues caused by their collision. These amounts tend to increase when there are  severe injuries or a disability after the accident

Help after a motor vehicle accident

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