What kinds of compensation may be given to accident victims in Port Hudson?

Port Hudson, LA – When someone has been harmed in an accident, they can get legal help and file a case in the local court system. Before doing so, it is recommended that the victim meet with an injury lawyer and discuss their situation. Minor incidents may be able to be handled by the insurance process, while more serious injuries will likely require litigation due to the large dollar amounts involved. To learn more about the amount of compensation that is available and the chances of success, it is necessary to consult with the right attorney. 

Matters that can be handled by personal injury lawyers

Personal injury law is focused on getting compensation for victims who have suffered from various types of harm due to the fault of another person or business. Car accident lawsuits tend to be the most common incident for attorneys in this area of practice, but people who are hurt at work, those injured by defective products, and other kinds of incidents may receive similar legal help. These lawyers use evidence that will show the defendant person or business actually caused the victim’s injuries, and that they need to pay for the losses they caused as a matter of law. 

The law of damages

Compensation is determined by damages. This process is started when the victim files a complaint in the local courts and lists all the financial problems and other issues that were allegedly caused by the defendant. Common types of damages include hospitalization, property damage, and physical pain and suffering. 

The first kind of damages allowed by law are called economic damages or special damages in Louisiana. This is essentially a summary of medical bills, repair costs, lost income and wages, and other tangible costs that can be shown through things like receipts and invoices. 

Another important kind of damages are called general damages or non-economic damages. These are related to less tangible costs of an injury. Things like quality of life problems, physical pain caused by an injury, emotional trauma, and mental health problems. Much of determining this kind of compensation is handled by an attorney simply arguing for their client and showing how severely an accident has affected their life. 

Punitive damages are available in very limited situations under Louisiana law. This is meant to punish the defendant for extreme and reckless behavior. In Louisiana, it is almost always limited to drunk driving accidents

Legal assistance after an injury

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