What kinds of costs will a person who causes an accident in Brusly have to pay?

Brusly, LA – When someone causes an accident with any kind of associated damage, they will probably be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. This means that either the person or their insurance provider will need to pay for various kinds of costs that were caused by their negligence. These amounts are usually reached through settlement negotiations, as trials for civil accident cases are fairly rare. Personal injury lawyers can provide more information about the process to get compensation for those who have been affected by an accident. 

Medical bills

One of the most expensive things that can happen to a person is a sudden medical emergency. People who are involved in an accident are likely to be charged for things like transportation away from the scene in an ambulance, care at a hospital to treat injuries, and various forms of recovery. It is fairly common for these costs to add up to several thousand dollars for even a minor injury, and increase from that point. Liability insurance policies that are required in Louisiana are capable of covering several thousand dollars in injury costs for this reason.

Property damage

Another type of damage that is listed for drivers in mandatory liability insurance policies is property damage. When a vehicle collides with various structures such as a home or business space, the owner may have to use a large sum of money for expensive repairs. Like coverage for bodily injuries, liability insurance policies in Louisiana also cover up to several thousand dollars worth of property damage when necessary. 

Pain and suffering

People who were hurt and experienced changes in their life due to an accident are able to argue for pain and suffering. This is usually referred to as general damages or non-economic damages in Louisiana. Pain and suffering amounts are normally reached through the plaintiff’s attorney making an argument for compensation based on quality of life losses and changes caused by the plaintiff’s injuries. This is not tied to any specific medical bills or treatment costs. People who were seriously hurt should expect to make an argument for larger amounts of pain and suffering compensation, as their life changes are more drastic than those who can fully recover. 

Injury attorneys in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an accident practice that works with clients in Brusly and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys can provide advice about the process to receive compensation to those who have been injured.

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