Donaldsonville, LA – Anyone who wants to bring an injury lawsuit will need to show that the party named as the defendant was actually at fault for their injuries, as well as proving the value of their losses. There are many different types of evidence that may be used for these purposes, and it is important for the victim’s attorney to present the evidence in such a way that indicates negligence on the part of the entity who is being sued. However, it is always recommended for accident victims to get specific advice about their case from a local licensed attorney.  

Accident reports

One of the most fundamental pieces of evidence after a motor vehicle crash or any other type of incident is the accident report. The victim should notify the local police or other relevant party as soon as the accident happens to start the process of the investigation and generate the formal report. This investigation usually includes providing basic details regarding what happened, the people involved, the location of the incident, and opinions about who or what was responsible. If a traffic expert or other professional concludes that the party who is also the defendant in the lawsuit is at fault, this can be a very strong piece of evidence that is used as proof of negligence. 

Medical information and costs

After someone is hurt in an accident, they may need medical treatment, have to stay in a hospital, and sustain various recovery expenses for things like medication and physical therapy. These combined costs may range into the thousands or even millions of dollars if there are life changing injuries. The medical records and bills will provide proof that the injuries exist, as well as the treatment costs which are factored into damages. 

Photos, reconstructions, and videos

Photos and video evidence can capture an accident scene during or immediately after the incident occurred. This provides some of the best proof of the extent of the damage and can help recreate the accident area. Pictures can also be used as part of the insurance claim process if necessary, as an adjuster will review both the photographic evidence and other forms of related property damage. In very serious accidents, there may need to be formal accident reconstruction with the help of experts from a government agency or other group that handles traffic cases. 

Advice from a local law firm

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that provides legal representation from trusted accident attorneys in the Donaldsonville area. Anyone who wants to schedule a consultation can meet with a lawyer to discuss their injuries and the process of bringing a lawsuit. 

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