What kinds of evidence does an accident victim need to file a civil lawsuit in Lemannville?

Lemannville, LA – A person’s ability to receive compensation for their injuries depends on being able to make a strong cause for the defendant’s negligence. This is done by showing that the party made a serious mistake that is considered a breach of the normal duty of care. Skilled attorneys who practice in this area of the law can utilize various forms of evidence to make a compelling argument for their client and demonstrate the defendant’s fault. 

Accident reports

Anyone who has been involved in an accident should notify the local police or proper authorities to assist with the incident. They will create a report that is mostly an objective account related to the facts surrounding the incident, along with giving expert opinions about the causes of the accident. The report is likely to be used at a later time both for insurance purposes and as evidence in any legal action related to the matter. 


It is always helpful for anyone who has been hurt to have witnesses who can give additional information. It is also beneficial if these people were bystanders who do not have any relation to the plaintiff or any bias towards helping them. Witnesses are often also asked to give a deposition in an attorney’s office before the trial, where they will have to answer very specific questions about their observations. If it is clear from their answers in the deposition that the defendant is at fault, it is likely that the case will settle. 

Pictures and videos

It is important to preserve the accident scene and take pictures of the way that everything looked immediately after the incident. The victim should attempt to use a camera to document the area as thoroughly as possible.

If someone was filming or there were surveillance videos which showed exactly what happened at the time of the accident, these are the most crucial pieces of evidence. For example, a video that clearly shows the defendant committing a traffic infraction while causing the accident is likely to determine fault without question. 

Proving costs related to the injuries

Anything that documents the plaintiff’s losses such as bills and invoices for medical treatment, property repair invoices and estimates, and wage statements, should all be preserved. The plaintiff will need this kind of information to make a compelling argument for economic damages and prove the amount that they need to recover from their losses. 

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