What kinds of investigations happen after accidents in Addis?

Addis, LA – There are several different ways that various groups and individuals try to find out what happened to cause an accident. This can include a response to the scene from law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical professionals. At a later time, the insurance companies that represent the drivers may want to see things like vehicle damage and records of any necessary medical treatment. It is also possible that attorneys for anyone involved in the lawsuit may need to review some of this information as well. Legal representation is important because this is the best way for a person injured in a crash to receive compensation for all of their losses. 

At the accident scene

Once police are notified of a motor vehicle accident, they will respond to the scene and secure the area. Other emergency personnel will arrive and see if the people involved need medical treatment. At this time, various individuals may take pictures of the scene, speak with witnesses, and ensure that anyone who is injured is attended by people with medical training and transported to a hospital if necessary. Police departments use the information gathered at this time to compile an accident report, which can become an important piece of evidence if any issues are in dispute during the process of insurance claims and lawsuits.

Insurance investigations

When drivers contact their insurance companies, the providers may send an adjuster to verify the damage to the vehicle. As a general rule, insurance providers conduct investigations to prevent fraud, see the extent of the damage, and save money by not overpaying. However, this can also make it difficult for accident victims to get enough compensation from insurance companies without resorting to a lawsuit.

Lawyers and law firms

People who are injured will have to take formal legal action against the driver responsible to cover medical bills. Healthcare expenses can be quite large, and the lawyer for the victim will need to review much of the material related to the accident to justify any argument for damages. They may also look into things that were not covered by either the police or insurance companies if necessary to adequately represent their client’s interests. An accurate accounting of all of the losses is also helpful to prove things like medical costs, lost wages, and other costs associated with the crash. 

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that handles accident cases in Addis and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys are available to provide advice about the process to receive compensation. 

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