Lafayette, LA – Certain types of injuries that happen during an accident can require long term treatment and severely affect the victim’s quality of life. This can include things like severe burns, paralysis, and brain injuries. When one of these types of injuries happens, the victim can speak with a local accident lawyer to learn more about receiving compensation through a civil lawsuit. 

Burn injuries

It is possible that a car collision can result in some kind of fire or ignition. Motor vehicle engines tend to run at high temperatures, and gas and oil are combustible liquids. A fire at the accident scene can cause severe burns to the victim that may require several treatments to heal. The medical costs associated with these kinds of surgeries are high, and even after time the victim may still not appear as normal. This kind of physical and emotional trauma caused by a burn injury may be factored into damages awarded to the victim through a settlement. 

Long term paralysis

Injuries to the back and spine are one of the most common results from motor vehicle collisions. Permanent damage to parts of the nervous system in the back can result in a lack of mobility in other parts of the body. This is especially likely if the victim was in an accident where they were hit from behind. The impact from the crash may break parts of the spinal cord near the upper back and neck, which creates symptoms of paralysis. All of these kinds of injuries are severe, where the victim may lose partial mobility, loss of use of their arms or legs, or even loss of functionality in all four limbs.

Brain injuries

Impact to the head can cause concussions and more severe types of brain trauma. When someone suffers from a brain injury, they can lose memory and develop long term problems with memory, mood regulation, impulse control, and sleeping. Concussions have also been associated with the development of various mental health problems. Because brain injuries are often life changing, this should be an important factor in damages when the attorney for the plaintiff argues for compensation. 

The process to receive payment

Anyone who has been seriously hurt during an accident should contact a local attorney immediately after receiving medical treatment and speaking with their insurance company. Personal injury lawsuits can potentially pay out thousands or millions of dollars for permanent or long term injuries. 

Accident attorneys in Lafayette

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a respected personal injury firm that helps clients in Lafayette and throughout the state of Louisiana. Anyone who was recently hurt in an accident can contact an attorney at the firm to get more information about lawsuits.  

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