What laws are relevant to most accidents in Yuma?

Yuma, AZ – Vehicles and roads are regulated by a number of different laws. This is generally because the government has a strong interest in things like driver safety and preventing property damage, injuries, and death. When an accident happens, there are a number of different traffic laws that may be implicated, and drivers should always try to obey these laws to avoid criminal charges or financial liability for a crash. Here are a few laws that tend to be relevant in many accident cases in Arizona, although legal advice should always be obtained after a car collision to decide on a course of action. 

Leaving the scene of the accident

Like other states, Arizona has made it illegal for people to drive away from the accident scene without contacting the police or anyone else involved. Arizona also has a number of different but similar laws regarding the requirements for giving notice or exchanging information after an accident. Most of these violations are charged as criminal misdemeanors, although leaving or failing to try to assist when there are injuries can potentially be charged as a felony. Penalties can include fines and jail time depending on the offense. 

Traffic infractions

A driver who has been involved in an accident can potentially be ticketed for breaking various traffic laws. This includes things like going through red lights or stop signs, careless driving, or speeding. These kinds of traffic infractions can also be relevant in insurance claims or lawsuits for injuries, as evidence that a person broke a traffic law and received a citation also tends to show negligence. Even something as minor as an illegal lane change can potentially prove fault for a crash in civil court.

Laws against intoxicated driving

Drunk driving is common enough that police always look to see if people involved in a crash were intoxicated when they arrive at an accident scene. Whenever a person is found to be operating their vehicle after using drugs or alcohol, they can face criminal charges. If a person caused an accident when they were drunk or under the influence of controlled substances, these cases tend to be taken more seriously than drunk driving situations where there was no injury or damage. 

Additional advice after an accident in Arizona

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