Omaha, Nebraska, Four Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

A small mistake made when constructing a road can lead to very serious injuries for drivers and pedestrians alike. If you faced a serious injury due to the poor construction of a road, you can get in touch with an accident attorney to explore the options you have of filing a legal claim against the negligent party to help you financially recover your damages.

In some cases, it may be a government entity that is responsible, and filing a lawsuit in such cases is a lot more complicated. Some examples of reasons for why you may file a legal complaint due to poor road conditions include the following:

  • A lack of signs or improper signs regarding road hazards
  • Signs requiring unfairly sharp turns
  • Active road construction being left unfinished and unmarked
  • Poor road conditions after the construction is completed

Road construction companies have a duty to keep the construction area as safe as possible by putting up signs and markings to keep other drivers aware. They also have a duty to make sure they do their work properly so that the final road is completely smooth and does not pose a threat to all those who decide to use it.

If construction companies fail to follow state and federal laws regarding road safety, they can be held liable for their actions. For instance, If state and federal regulations require construction companies to give motorists a warning a specific number of miles before the construction zone arrives, and they fail to follow this, resulting in a motorist getting into a collision, they will have acted negligently and can be held legally accountable.

When filing car accident claims for poor road conditions, most people claim property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and even a decreased quality of life caused by the injuries they faced in the accident.

Winning a car accident claim filed due to poor road conditions in Jackson, Mississippi


Though you do stand a good chance of getting compensated if you get injured due to poor road conditions, it is not guaranteed that you will win your case. For instance, if the company can prove it was you who acted negligently by driving while distracted or it was you who ignored their signs they put up, then you may lose your ability to receive compensation.

You need to be able to provide as many pieces of evidence as possible to turn the case in your favor and to convince the insurer and the jury that the construction company was liable for the injuries you suffered and the accident was not caused due to a mistake on your part.

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