What legal rights does a car accident victim in Florida have when the claims adjuster refuses to return their calls?

Fort Lauderdale, FL, – If a driver was hit by another motorist in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and that driver’s insurance company refuses to return their calls or address their concerns, it may be time for them to hire a car accident attorney. When an adjuster is assigned to a claim, they are expected to evaluate it and determine its value. If the adjuster determines the claim is covered, a payment should be issued for medical care, property damage, and/or any other accident-related expenses the at-fault driver’s policy will cover.

Unfortunately, when an insurance company is pursued for compensation from a party who isn’t insured by them, the adjuster assigned to handle the claim may not be eager to get it processed. When this happens, it can result in an accident victim having to pay for certain expenses the insurance carrier is supposed to cover.

If these are the circumstances a car accident victim is currently facing, they are advised to contact Madalon Law for legal advice.


Why does it benefit a car accident attorney to hire a lawyer to assist with the claims process?


Insurance companies aren’t always as reliable as they should be after a person has engaged in a wreck in Fort Lauderdale. Sometimes, an adjuster who has been assigned to a claim may not want to answer an accident victim’s calls or return those that have been made to them. In other cases, the insurance company may offer an accident victim a lowball settlement. Because insurance companies don’t always handle claims promptly or fairly, it is always a good idea for a victim to retain a Fort Lauderdale, FL car accident lawyer who can step in and help if an issue such as those described above arises.

In addition to addressing issues involving the insurer, an attorney will also help an accident victim value their damages and determine what the insurance company should pay them given coverage is available. Because most accident victims are unaware of how much the insurance company should be paying them, they opt to accept the first settlement the insurer offers.

This is a common mistake many accident victims make.

Instead of a car accident victim accepting the first settlement offer they receive, they should have an attorney review it and determine if more compensation is warranted. If it is, a car accident lawyer can begin negotiating with the adjuster until a fair settlement is reached. In the event one is not, a lawyer can choose to challenge the insurer in court or file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

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