Facing an accident can be highly inconvenient. If the accident is a small one most drivers are able to continue on with their lives without having to face any major setbacks. However, if the accident is serious, then most drivers and any involved individuals will most likely lose a lot of their quality of life.
In order to be compensated for their losses, a person can file a claim with their insurance company. Getting the assistance of an accident attorney in Daytona Beach, Florida is highly recommended as it will help a person communicate more effectively with their insurance company to ensure that a person is offered as much compensation as possible.
When a person is claiming damages they do not have many limits. However, they do have to make sure they follow the Statute of Limitations which states a person has up to four years after their accident to make their claim.
One of the biggest mistakes a driver can make after an accident is postponing the legal process. If a driver files their claim after four years then the chances of it being rejected are very likely. In order to avoid this situation, a person should hire a legal professional right after their accident to deal with the legalities and to start filing the paperwork necessary for a person to get the compensation they need in order to recover.

What are Florida’s laws regarding accidents?

Florida has a no-fault law. This means that if a person gets into an accident, they are required to claim insurance from their own insurance company under Personal Injury Protection as opposed to making a claim with the other driver’s company. However, if a person has suffered permanent injuries and they are very severe, they can file a lawsuit against the other driver alongside claiming their own insurance.
They also follow a pure comparative negligence law, this ruling mandates that whenever two drivers are involved in an accident, the court will evaluate the incident and will give a percentage of fault to each driver. The total amount of compensation granted to each driver will be reduced accordingly depending on how much percentage they were at fault.

How can I speed up the legal process?

If a person wants to ensure there is no delay in the compensation they are receiving, they should make sure they file the correct paperwork, fill the right forms, and contact the appropriate agencies as soon as possible. Missing documents and failing to file their complaint on time can cause an unnecessary delay in a person receiving their financial compensation.
Calling a legal representative is one of the best ways to guarantee that a person is not missing anything important and to ensure that the legal paperwork is taken care of flawlessly. The more seriously a person was injured in their accident, the more reason they have to contact a lawyer in order to speed up the process.