What methods are used to calculate losses after an accident in Pickens County?

Pickens County, SC – When an accident happens, there are a number of different costs. These are usually related to things like healthcare costs for anyone injured, repair costs and replacements for any property damage, and financial losses due to time away from work. Both lawyers for the parties involved in any related litigation and their insurance providers may need to utilize these amounts when considering how to pay for the accident. 

Documents that show losses

Victims are always advised to see doctors as necessary and retain their medical records. The doctor will recommend specific treatment based on the injuries, and things like surgeries and hospital visits can often have a large price tag. Professionals who repair motor vehicles are important at this time as well, as they give repair estimates for things like replacing various parts on a car. Wage statements can also be useful for the purposes of lost income. 

Insurance company formulas

Most insurance companies that need to pay an injured person after an accident use a formula to try to come up with a settlement amount to pay out to a victim. Their starting point is the amount of special damages, which are things like medical costs and property repairs, added to the amount of the victim’s lost wages. However, insurance companies are businesses that need to limit the amount they pay out, and accident victims should realize that this is only a starting point and an initial offer. With the assistance of an attorney it is possible to negotiate for larger amounts, even if it takes longer to do so. 

Why are these amounts important?

When an accident victim meets with their attorney, it will be important for them to get an accounting of these losses that is as complete and accurate as possible. When a civil lawsuit is filed, the complaint needs to list the statement of damages. This is a summary of all losses related to things like property damage, the costs of medical care, lost income, and an argument for compensation for pain and suffering. While these amounts may change during settlement negotiations, it is useful for the plaintiff to try to get as close as possible to their summary of damages. 

Accident lawyers in South Carolina

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