What party is responsible for an accident caused by road debris in Addis?

Addis, LA – Roads are routinely covered with various kinds of objects that can be dangerous if a car hits them. In some cases, this may even lead to an accident, injuries, or damage to the vehicle. While car insurance can cover this damage in many cases, it is also possible that the person or business responsible for the accident can be sued. In situations where some kind of debris, objects, or obstacles on the road cause an accident, it is usually a question of who is responsible for creating the situation and if they can be identified. 

Trucks and commercial vehicles

Sometimes, cargo and other dangerous objects may come directly off of a truck or commercial vehicle and cause an accident. In these cases, the company that owns the truck and the driver may be found negligent in a lawsuit if they can be identified. The driver should make every attempt possible to stop the vehicle or identify who is responsible so that they can file the case at a later time. They should also notify the local police and report the incident, as law enforcement can assist with finding the party responsible. If hazardous materials are involved, the company will be strictly liable for any damage that they cause. 

Construction sites

Construction companies and their workers are supposed to find ways to work in a manner that keeps both oncoming traffic and their workers safe. If items from a construction site end up in an unsafe place and cause a collision, a few different parties may be responsible. This could have been caused by the negligence of the construction workers, which would make their employer and the parent company liable. If the municipality is involved in the construction or road improvements, it is possible that they would be attached as a defendant in the lawsuit as well. 

Residential areas

It is also possible that a homeowner may be responsible for creating dangerous situations on a road in their neighborhood. This can be due to items that fell onto the road near the property, or things such as boats and cars that are improperly parked and create problems on the road. The victim should attempt to identify the person or residence that caused the dangerous situation and report the crash to their insurance company and the police. Property owners are generally responsible for the area on and around their residence. 

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