How can a personal injury lawyer help after a bicycle accident in West Virginia?

Bicycling serves as a great form of exercise and is an affordable way for individuals to get around. Unfortunately, bicycling carries many risks as drivers often don’t acknowledge bicyclists or care to drive cautiously around them. If a bicyclist was injured by a negligent driver, they should contact a West Virginia personal injury lawyer who can help them exercise their right to recover compensation.


What are a bicyclist’s rights after being injured by a careless driver?


When a driver chooses to engage in negligent behavior and their actions cause a bicyclist to suffer injures in an accident, the driver can be held liable for compensating the victim. Like most states, West Virginia allows injured parties to pursue negligent parties for compensation to make up for how the accident has impacted their life and finances. This means they hold the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against them.

However, before a bicyclist decides to sue, they should discuss with a West Virginia personal injury attorney what other avenues can be taken to get them the money they deserve. For instance, a bicyclist may be entitled to recover compensation from the driver’s insurance company if he/she was insured at the time of the accident.

The State of West Virginia requires that all drivers in the state must carry at least $25,000 in liability coverage per person, up to $50,000 per accident as well as $25,000 for property damage.1 If the negligent driver was meeting these requirements at the time of the accident, then a bicyclist may be entitled to collect up to these amounts given he/she can show it was the driver’s actions that caused them to suffer injuries.


When can a bicyclist sue a driver for causing an accident?


If the bicyclist is unable to recover the compensation they are due to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, etc. from the driver’s insurance carrier, then they might consider bringing a lawsuit against the driver. The West Virginia personal injury lawyers at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC can determine if filing a personal injury lawsuit would be in the bicyclist’s best interest.

In addition to contacting Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC after suffering injuries in an accident with a negligent driver, an injured bicyclist is also encouraged to seek medical attention and follow up with their doctor so they can begin working toward getting better.

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