Erwinville, LA – When someone is involved in a car accident, it is important that they follow certain rules. It is possible that there may be financial losses or even criminal charges if the person makes certain mistakes. Help from an attorney can also be an important way for the victim to receive compensation if they have been injured and miss time from work.

Remaining at the scene

Even if the damage is minor, a driver cannot simply choose to leave the scene right away. This is a criminal offense in Louisiana and every other state. At minimum, the driver should make contact with the others involved and exchange information. In situations where there is little to no damage, the drivers may choose to not notify the police or their insurance companies, but they still must remain at the scene initially. 

Contacting first responders

Under Louisiana law, if there appears to be any injuries or property damage in excess of $500, the police must be notified and they will send other units for medical treatment or the fire department if necessary. If the accident happened on a highway, the Louisiana State Police will respond. 

Collecting evidence

The local police or fire department may start an accident investigation after arriving on the scene. However, any driver who is involved may also want to take pictures, see if there are witnesses to the crash, and document their damage. This will be helpful if an insurance adjuster needs to review their vehicle’s condition at a later time. 

Filing an insurance claim

Once it is safe to do so, the driver should notify the insurance company that there has been a collision. This is required under the terms of most policies, and the provider can take actions such as cancelling the driver’s policy if they fail to report a collision. The insurance claim process is also the primary way that drivers will get their property damage and other losses paid for, and the claim needs to be filed in a timely manner to be processed.  

Getting legal help

Louisiana has a fairly short statute of limitations for filing any kind of motor vehicle accident lawsuit. This time limit is set at one year. For this reason, anyone who may need to bring a lawsuit should start to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after they have been injured. 

Advice from an injury attorney

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that handles accident cases in Erwinville and other parts of Louisiana. Anyone who needs help with a civil lawsuit can contact their attorneys to get specific advice that is relevant to their situation. 

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