What should an accident victim in Baton Rouge do when the other car leaves the scene?

Baton Rouge, LA – Even though it is a crime to do so, drivers in Louisiana and other states routinely leave accident scenes after causing damage to property and injuring others on the road. When a victim is in this situation, they can take certain steps to help law enforcement locate the driver, report the incident to their insurance, and preserve evidence for a civil lawsuit. The victim should retain an attorney and look into the possibility of an injury case, even if the driver is arrested and charged. 

After the crash

Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal and taken seriously by the government in Louisiana. The person responsible for this act may face criminal charges, driver’s license suspension, and civil lawsuits. If possible, the victim should try to identify details about the other car such as the make and model of the vehicle, the license plate number or at least some characters from the number, and a description of the driver. These details may assist the police in their investigation at a later time. 

This means that the first thing that should be done is to contact the local police and report the situation. It is likely that an officer will respond to the scene and start their car accident investigation. This will also help the victim create a formal record of the collision for the purposes of insurance, or even a later lawsuit. 

Insurance consequences

Drivers are also required to notify their insurance provider within a short time frame after the crash. The specific instructions that they give may vary based on their procedures for reporting hit and run incidents. Unfortunately, the damage caused by this kind of crash may not be covered under all auto insurance policies. This is because only liability for damage caused by the driver is required by law, and many insurance companies require drivers to purchase additional types of coverage for hit and run accidents. Many drivers choose to not have a more expensive policy with hit and run coverage.  

Personal injury lawsuits

Anyone who causes an accident can be sued and made to pay for the damage, and this is also true if the driver left the scene. They will be made to pay for medical treatment, lost wages, vehicle repairs, pain and suffering, along with other losses caused by the incident. Specific advice should be obtained regarding whether it is advisable to pursue legal action based on the particulars of the crash. 

Meeting with local injury lawyers

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