What should an accident victim in Deerfield Beach do if they suffered from a disability after their crash?

Deerfield Beach, FL – Some motor vehicle crashes cause permanent and life changing injuries. If a person is unable to work in their prior career or function as normal, they can make the party responsible pay for these losses through a civil accident lawsuit. There are various types of compensation that the defendant may owe the victim, and these amounts tend to be much larger if the person can prove their life has been significantly affected. The injury attorney’s job is to try to get their client as much compensation as realistically possible and allowed by law. 

The law of damages

Florida law allows the accident victim to ask for certain types of damages from the defendant in a civil negligence lawsuit. This can include compensatory damages for medical bills and treatment, lost wages, and other demonstrated costs. Non-economic damages are also available to compensate the victim for their physical and emotional pain, trauma, and reductions in quality of life. In some cases, there may also be punitive damages to punish the defendant for reckless or malicious behavior. An attorney for the victim is allowed to argue for whatever combination of these damages is relevant and necessary to try to place the victim in the situation they were in before the accident.  

Lifelong injuries

In cases where it is obvious that the victim will not be able to live as normal again due to medical issues or a disability, the lawyer will argue for the types and amounts of compensation that reflect this reality. Future lost income can be a very large part of damages, especially if the person cannot work anymore and they will have millions of dollars worth of future lost wages in the coming years or decades. If the person needs constant medical assistance or treatment, these healthcare costs can also add up very quickly. Regarding non-economic damages, the attorney is given room to argue based on how these changes will permanently affect the person’s life and mental health.  

Documenting costs

To help prove damages, the victim should retain any documents related to their treatment costs. This can include bills, invoices, receipts, and anything else that shows specific numbers related to the severity of the person’s financial obligations caused by their injuries. Non-economic damages are generally shown through argument by the attorney in addition to these tangible losses. 

Meeting with a local accident attorney

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