The alarming rate of pedestrian deaths in Nevada is a rising concern for residents as these types of accidents continue to transpire.

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Anyone injured in a pedestrian-related accident is encouraged to seek legal advice from an accident lawyer who can help with the claims process and getting you the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian deaths have given rise to an awareness campaign in Nevada stemming from the 46% increase of deaths that has occurred from January 2015 through February 2016. The NDOT, Nevada Department of Transportation, began the campaign where awareness for the issue is spread using billboards, radio announcements, digital ads, and social media posts. According to the Las Vegas Sun, “pedestrian deaths are outpacing those from HIV, breast cancer and influenza.” Innocent lives are being taken in these incidents and families are suffering from the loss of someone they love so deeply.
If you or anyone you know has suffered in a pedestrian-related accident and are looking for a legal representative who is skilled in the field of accident law, you need the Law Office of Thomas E. Porzio on your side. Your injuries and/or the wrongful death of a loved one aren’t something to settle on which is why you need an accident attorney who will fight for a favorable outcome you deserve.

How Can Pedestrian Accidents be Reduced?

Accidents are exactly that, accidents and many aren’t caused by you. However, you probably were warned when you were a child to always look both ways when crossing the street and to keep your eye out for other drivers as they are the ones you need to worry about. While you may be taking the necessary measures to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way, others may not be concerned. That means you need to do whatever it takes to avoid any such accident.
According to some of the crash reports the Las Vegas Sun received, pedestrian fatalities often occur more on roads with an average speed of 40 mph and also at night. Generally, when a driver isn’t paying attention and is going 40 mph or more, they don’t exactly have ample time to stop once they realize someone is crossing the street.
Some common reasons why pedestrian-related accidents occur include:

  • Crossing improperly
  • Jaywalking
  • Not being visible
  • Darting into the roadway
  • Drivers not yielding
  • Drivers and pedestrians failing to look for each other.

These are only some of the types of behavior you want to avoid that can reduce your chances of becoming a victim as well. And while the campaign launched months ago, it seems there gives leeway for it to continue promoting as two more people were recently killed in pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas. KSNV News 3LV shared the story on April 9th and you guessed it, the accidents occurred in the evening time as this is when they are more likely to transpire.

Are You a Victim Who Was Hit by an Automobile?

Because we are not capable of stopping all accidents from occurring, we are in control of what can be done following an accident. The accident lawyers at the law firm of Thomas E. Porzio can help any victim who is suffering from a minor or severe injury get the compensation they deserve without the hassle that is generally involved in the claims process.
Speak with one of the attornes at the firm today by calling 203-573-0019 or visit our website and allow them to provide you with the legal expertise you need right now.

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