Back in May 2019, a truck driver traveling on Interstate 75 in Henry County, GA allegedly drifted off while operating a tractor-trailer resulting in a multi-vehicle collision occurring [Source: WSBTV]. Four innocent people died that day. Their deaths left their surviving family members devastated, shocked, and in need of justice. They went on to file a lawsuit against a group of trucking industry businesses, insurance companies, and individuals to obtain the justice they know they needed, and their deceased loved ones deserved.

If you are wanting to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of your loved one who was killed in a truck accident caused by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel, you are going to need to hire an experienced Kennesaw, GA accident lawyer to help you.

Unfortunately, truck driver fatigue is a factor in many of the large truck crashes we hear and read about. If your loved one was a victim of a trucking accident in GA that was caused by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel, it’s time you retain an accident lawyer who is prepared and qualified to help you. One of the main reasons why you need to hire an attorney following the occurrence of a truck collision is because these cases tend to more of the complex types. Not only is it difficult to value the damages you are entitled to, but it can also be challenging to collect supporting evidence that proves the driver was negligent.
Although claims filed against truckers and trucking companies often result in a hefty settlement payout, it is generally only the individuals who retain an accident attorney who are the ones who recover the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to. If you would like to discuss your case with an accident lawyer in the Kennesaw, GA area, whether you are the victim of the crash or your loved one was killed in the collision, the GA accident attorneys at Imbriale Injury Law are available to speak with you now.

How do trucking accident cases differ from car crash cases?

While many car crash victims choose not to sue the driver who hit them and simply recover the compensation they are due from the insurance carrier assigned to handle their claim, it isn’t quite that simple when it comes to a truck accident case. You see, there are usually several parties involved when it comes to these types of accidents as you see in the story highlighted above. The reality is, while the truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel may be at fault for causing the wreck, there may also be other parties that can be held liable as well.

The GA accident attorneys at Imbriale Injury Law will know exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure your lawsuit is filed properly and that you have all the evidence needed to obtain an outcome that is in your favor.

For example, let’s say the truck driver went over the specified number of hours he or she was permitted to drive resulting in him or her falling asleep or drifting off at the wheel. But let’s also assume the driver’s employer was aware their employee had violated the hours-of-service rules that limit the number of hours a trucker can operate a vehicle and did nothing to address it. In this instance, the trucker’s employer may also be named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by a victim or their surviving family.
Because filing a lawsuit against a trucker and/or a trucking company is a complicated and confusing process, you should definitely seek legal aid from an accident attorney in Kennesaw, GA who has the skills, knowledge, and ability to help you successfully file your lawsuit and obtain a favorable outcome.

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