What to do when the insurance company is pressuring a car accident victim to settle their case?

Cedar Rapids, IA—If the insurance company is calling on a weekly basis to try and convince a car accident victim to settle their claim, it is likely because they know the claim could be worth more later on. When an accident results in injures, insurance companies know that the more time a victim has to assess their injuries and seek treatment, the more the carrier will likely have to payout.

To prevent this from happening, insurance carriers will often try and settle claims early on before an accident victim has had time to determine just how serious their injuries are and what they are worth.


How does a car accident victim know when to settle their claim?


Before a car crash victim accepts a settlement from the insurance company, they should spend some time valuing their damages. Some things to consider while doing this include:

  • How much they have accrued thus far in medical bills.
  • Whether medical treatment or surgery will be needed in the future.
  • How much time they had to take off from work.
  • Whether they will be able to return to work.
  • The impact their injuries have on their physical and cognitive abilities.


Although the insurance company’s settlement offer might seem generous, accident victims should know that most carriers aren’t looking out for their best interest. In fact, if they can undervalue a claim here and there or even deny some, they will do it so that the company saves money. And sadly, this is what is most important to insurance carriers—protecting their profits.

With that in mind, accident victims should (1) take the time they need to understand their injuries and how they will impact their life, (2) refrain from accepting a settlement offer only because the insurance company is pressuring them to do so. Once a settlement is accepted, accident victims generally cannot recover any additional compensation from the insurer.


How can a Cedar Rapids, IA accident lawyer help?


When an individual isn’t sure whether they should accept a settlement from the insurer or if the amount being offered is fair, they should contact a Cedar Rapids, IA accident attorney for help. A lawyer can review the offer and determine if a claimant should accept it or if they should start the negotiation process with the insurer.

If a lawyer believes the insurance company is not providing an accident victim with the full amount of compensation they are entitled to, they can even assist them with the negotiation process. If someone was recently involved in a car accident in Cedar Rapids, IA and would like to discuss with an accident lawyer when to accept a settlement, they can contact Eells & Tronvold Law Office, PLC at (319) 393-1020.


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