If you have lost a marriage partner, parent, or child due to an accident that occurred as a result of someone else’s failure to exercise due care, you may be entitled to a filing a lawsuit on the grounds of loss of consortium. Losing someone so unexpectedly is never easy, and the loss can wreak havoc on your life. If it was your spouse who suffered death, you may be facing crippling depression, fear of the uncertainty of your future, and dealing with sorting out your new circumstances with the loss of an income provider. It can be immensely difficult from so many angles, and picking up the pieces and rebuilding your life may seem like the hardest thing to do. If you live in the area of Baton Rouge and want to discuss the possibility of a loss of consortium case with a knowledgeable accident attorney, please contact the lawyers of Andress | Inzina, LLC today to schedule a consultation. You have suffered enough, and we will structure a case designed to secure you the best possible settlement if this is determined to be the best course of action.

What is Loss of Consortium
Loss of consortium pertains to cases filed that enable spouses/ family members of an injured/ deceased person to receive damages. These lawsuits apply to family members when a person has been seriously injured or killed as the result of someone else’s negligence or wrongful action. This method of filing for an accident case is not as straightforward as other types of personal injury or accident lawsuits, and exact rules of determination can vary depending on location. Depending on the situation, loss of consortium can apply to a person who has lost a parent, child, or partner. Most often, it is a claim that is filed by a spouse after losing their partner, and most laws pertain to this scenario.
How is Loss of Consortium Measured in a Lawsuit?
Loss of consortium is categorized as harm, and it is considered to be general damages. These cases are regarded as non-economic damages, which means that money is merely a substitute for the immense loss of life.
How a Loss of Consortium Case is Evaluated
Loss of consortium cases are absolutely to be considered in the event a married person has died as a result of serious injury, at the fault of another party. Each case is evaluated individually to determine the damages, injuries, and other factors that play into the situation. For the spouse who is dealing with the loss of a partner, the case may present difficult circumstances that may involve detailed questioning, and having to face difficult memories on behalf of the suffering of the spouse lost.
Losing a spouse, parent, or child is among the most difficult situations a person can ever experience, and the despair can be overwhelming for those who have suffered. We understand your pain and suffering if you have dealt with the loss of a spouse or other family member due to negligence or a wrongful accident. If you are in the Baton Rouge area and believe you have a loss of consortium case and wish to discuss your situation with an attorney who specializes in injury law, contact the lawyers of Andress | Inzina, LLC today. We will arrange for a consultation and evaluate your case, taking all details into consideration on your behalf.
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