After a person gets into a car accident it is in their best interest to get in touch with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas. An experienced attorney will be able to inform a person on which legal track they should take in order to retrieve the most compensation for any damages and inconveniences they may have faced due to the accident. Whether the accident was the fault of the driver or because of external reasons, it is always best to contact a legal professional as soon as possible to avoid potential complications in their case and to avoid paying unnecessary fees.
Out of the various lawsuits a person can file after an accident include:

  • A negligence lawsuit
  • A wrongful death lawsuit
  • A product liability lawsuit

The most common lawsuit by far is a negligence lawsuit. A negligence lawsuit is basically when a driver claims the other party is at fault due to them acting negligently in one way or the other. This could entail the other driver broke traffic rules or that they were driving aggressively or also that they were driving while they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
If a death occurred during the accident a person is allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit and they can generally get compensated based on how much they suffered due to the loss. They can recover more damages if the deceased was an active contributor to their financial situation.
A driver can also file a product liability lawsuit after the accident. In order to do this, they have to prove that the vehicle crashed due to the malfunctioning of some car part.
Nevada follows modified comparative negligence law which means that the total amount of compensation which a driver is allowed to receive is limited based on how much of the car accident was their own fault. This means that no matter how much damage a person has faced, they will only receive as much compensation as was the other driver’s fault. Their own negligence will take away from the total amount which they are entitled to receive.

Is it mandatory to have auto insurance in Las Vegas?

Just like nearly every other state, it is required for drivers to have insurance according to the law.
Drivers are required to have $30,000 for an accident in which more than one person is hurt. They are required to have $15,000 to cover the injuries for one person in an accident and they are also required to have $10,000 of coverage for any property damage which may be caused during the accident.
Getting in touch with an accident attorney is a good option for both individuals who are insured and also those who were driving around without insurance. If a driver has insurance but the other driver involved in the accident was not insured matters can get complicated and it can become difficult to get the financial support which a person needs to recover from such a scenario. A legal professional can show a person all the options which are available to them and stay with them until they win the financial compensation they need from the appropriate party.