Orange County, CA – When someone is hurt in a motor vehicle crash, they can file a negligence lawsuit against the person or business responsible. The entity named as a defendant will depend on whether there was a standard driver or commercial driver at fault. The main reason that this is done is to receive compensation for various forms of damages caused in the incident. People in this situation who have adequate legal representation should be able to receive a settlement that will cover most of their losses. However, compensation can vary greatly depending on the specific accident in question. 

Vehicle damage and repairs

Repairing a vehicle after a car accident can become a very large expense. If the damage is severe, a car insurance claim may be insufficient to cover all of the repair costs and related expenses. If the car is a total loss, the insurance policy may not cover the entire value of the vehicle. Once a lawsuit is filed, the victim can argue that the defendant should be responsible for these costs, or that their insurance provider should have to pay through liability coverage. 

Medical treatment and hospital bills

Healthcare costs are extremely high in California and most other parts of the United States. An emergency room visit alone can run into thousands of dollars, and recovery treatment sessions with specialists average hundreds of dollars each. The victim can summarize the healthcare costs sustained immediately after the accident, along with projected future treatment costs and argue that all of these financial burdens were caused by the defendant. 

Effects on the victim’s career

People who have serious injuries will likely not be able to work for sometime after their accident. They may even experience a partial or full disability that affects their ability to work for the rest of their life. These kinds of lost wages and projected future lost income are often the largest aspect of damages for a person who cannot work as normal. The victim can argue that their losses due to an inability to work from the time of the accident until their retirement age are the responsibility of the defendant. 

Additional damages and settlements

Depending on the specifics of the accident, punitive damages or other types of compensation may be available as well. Anyone who has specific questions about the value of their settlement or their negotiation process should contact their lawyer

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