Cedar Rapids, IA – Many car accidents result in some kind of physical injury to the victim. These range from very minor issues that can be treated at the scene to problems that can cause lifelong damage or even fatalities. There are a group of injuries that occur after collisions which are the most common. Regardless of the severity of an injury, the victim should contact their insurance company and speak with a personal injury lawyer to see if a lawsuit against the person or business responsible is necessary.  

The injuries that occur in the largest numbers

Whiplash is a type of sudden movement that affects the neck and upper back. The back and forth motion of a car stopping after a high speed collision can affect various tissues and damage them. Whiplash does not cause broken bones, but the tissues in the area of the neck still sustain various types of damage that can cause pain and take a long time to heal. Things like visits to a chiropractor and special types of massages in the affected area are often necessary for recovery. 

Skin abrasions of various kinds can be common due to impact with various parts of the interior of the car. If these are limited to minor cuts and scrapes, they may be totally healed within days or weeks. However, deeper cuts may require stitches or emergency help to stop the bleeding. When the impact from the crash is strong enough to force debris or other objects into the car, the types of cuts that result tend to be more severe. 

Bleeding inside of the body from various organs is a serious problem that can become fatal. When a person’s body makes an impact with various parts of the car’s interior, it is possible that tissues and organs will be damaged and start to bleed. Organ damage can require immediate medical attention and take a long time for the victim to totally regain their strength and recover. 

Factoring the value of injuries into civil lawsuits

Because medical treatment and healthcare costs can be expensive, an accident victim will likely need to get help to pay for these kinds of sudden bills. Things like hospitalization or doctor’s visits can be listed as economic damages in a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible. There is also the possibility that the victim can be compensated for pain and suffering associated with the injuries. 

Injury and accident lawyers in the Cedar Rapids area

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