What types of medical costs are associated with injuries in Yuma?

car accident victim

Yuma, AZ – After any kind of accident, the victim will likely need medical treatment. The costs associated with initial treatment and later medical care can vary greatly depending on the injuries in question and duration of the recovery period. Many accident victims may not be able to cover these costs through insurance or their own money, and an injury lawsuit is necessary to assist the victim with all losses caused by the person or entity responsible for their injuries. People who have recently been injured should discuss their situation with a lawyer to get advice about how these expenses can be covered through the legal process and a settlement. 

Ambulance rides

It may not seem obvious, but merely being transported from an accident scene to a hospital or other area where more extensive medical care can be given costs hundreds of dollars in many cases. There are usually several employees with special training who respond to the scene in the accident, supply costs, and other expenses associated with treating the victim. The costs of paying for the time and efforts of these people are billed to the injured person.  

Emergency room care

An emergency room is the primary source of treatment for accident victims once they are taken away from the scene. This is where they can be examined by a doctor, and various diagnostic tests are taken to determine the extent of the person’s injuries and type of treatment necessary. It is common for an emergency room visit to run into the thousands of dollars to compensate doctors, nurses, and other expenses associated with a sudden hospital visit. 


Painkillers and other types of medicine that may be necessary as a person recovers can become a large expense. Drug costs in the United States have been high for years, and this trend does not seem to be changing. Health insurance may cover some costs associated with these medications, but each policy is different. 

Rehabilitation and long term care

A person who is injured in a serious way may either require long term assistance to function as normal, or there can be months or years of rehabilitation before the person can become independently functional. These kinds of services require people with backgrounds in physical therapy, home nursing services, and other areas. Paying for their time and any associated materials that they need starts to become expensive quickly.  

Lawyers are available in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that is available to file personal injury lawsuits and handle all related matters. Their attorneys are experienced in helping local clients in the Yuma area receive compensation for all costs associated with an accident.

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