What will happen during an initial meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Merrydale?

Merrydale, LA – When someone has been injured, it is important that they meet with an attorney to discuss their situation and get legal advice. There are a number of important steps that may be taken during this time, and the client and the lawyer should decide if proceeding with the lawsuit and establishing a relationship between them for the duration of the lawsuit is appropriate. 

The initial consultation

Most people refer to the first meeting between a potential client and their lawyer as the initial consultation. It is important that the two parties are clear regarding the facts of exactly what happened at the time of the incident and how the person was injured. It can also be helpful if the client brings some basic pieces of evidence if they have reports or pictures of the accident scene. The attorney can review these briefly and learn more about the case. 

Most firms will not charge their clients for meeting at this time, but it is important to check first. Personal injury cases are almost always handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorneys are only paid if there is money collected, and they are paid out of the winnings. The lawyer should also be able to give a general estimate of how much potential compensation will be available through a settlement agreement. 

How is an injury lawsuit actually started? 

If the attorney and the client agree on representation, it is likely that the lawyer will file a complaint in the appropriate local court. This document outlines how the victim was hurt, why the defendant is responsible for their losses, any necessary legal arguments, and a statement of damages. The defendant is served with a copy of the complaint shortly afterwards, and they have a limited time to respond to the allegations contained within the document. If there is no response, there is default judgment entered for the plaintiff. If there is a response, the defendant can admit or deny the things stated in the complaint and the discovery process will begin. Once discovery starts, the parties will exchange information until they are ready for trial. The damages to cover their costs available to the client will likely come through a settlement at some point rather than a trial. The amount of compensation that the victim actually receives tends to coincide with the severity of their injuries

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