Motor vehicle accidents are common, they can become deadly under certain circumstances. This is especially true when someone on a bicycle collides with a much larger vehicle such as a truck, as there is little to protect them from the impact with the surface of the road and the force of the collision.
West Houston became the scene of a deadly accident where a bicyclist was hit by a pickup truck.
Deadly crash in the early morning hours in west Houston

The crash occurred early on a Monday morning at around 5:30 am at the intersection of Barker Cypress Road and S. Parkview Drive, which is just north of I-10. Police believe that both the bicycle and the Silverado pickup truck were traveling southbound on Barker Cypress Road when the collision happened. There is no sidewalk on this street, but vehicles in the area are supposed to give cyclists the right of way. The victim was a male about 50 years of age wearing his work uniform.
Police found a blinking light attached to the bicycle, but the area would have been very dark at that time of day. The incident is still under investigation, but it appears that the truck driver was not impaired by drugs or alcohol and he will probably not face any criminal charges.
Potential lawsuits against the driver
Despite the fact that the driver may not be subjected to criminal charges or traffic violations, he will still possibly face lawsuits related to the wrongful death of the cyclist and negligence for his careless driving. Even though the area was dark and visibility may have been compromised, the driver may be found to be mostly at fault for the accident. Texas like most other states has negligence laws that allow fault to be divided between all parties involved in the accident called comparative negligence.
These lawsuits will argue that the defendant has to pay for various expenses that are now the responsibility of the victim’s family because of the accident. Negligence cases are also the most common type of lawsuit related to things like car accidents and personal injury incidents.
What is a wrongful death lawsuit?
A wrongful death lawsuit is the best way to receive compensation after any kind of fatal accident. This is because there are special rules that govern these kinds of actions which can certain family members can ask for things like funeral and medical expenses, along with monetary amounts related to the victim’s earnings and the services they provided for their family and others.
However, there are also special rules in Texas as well as every other state for wrongful death cases. Only certain surviving family members can bring the action on the behalf of the deceased person and there is a short statute of limitations, meaning the case must be filed not too long after the family discovers that their relative has died.
Get help after an accident
If you need to speak with an experienced accident attorney in the Houston area, there is help available. For more information related to the specifics of your situation, contact Reich and Binstock Attorneys at Law.