Baton Rouge, LA – All states have similar traffic laws regarding the use of turns signals to change lanes and make turns. Violations of these laws will generally result in some kind of fines and points against a person’s driver’s license privileges. There are also a set of rules related to using traffic violations as evidence of negligence against a driver who caused an accident

Laws for turn signal requirements and use

The Louisiana legislature has summarized turn signal laws in RS 32:104. The state law requires that all vehicles be equipped with turn signals on the front and rear that will emit light when activated. This is to be used to show the driver’s intention to make a turn in either direction. Turn signals should be active for at least one hundred feet before the driver makes a turn or intends to change lanes. 

The relevant statute also says that turns should only be made when the driver can do so with reasonable safety. These reasonability clauses in traffic laws tend to give police officers discretion to make stops for traffic violations if they feel that the driver is operating their vehicle in an unsafe manner. 

When a driver does not follow these laws properly, a police officer is authorized to stop the vehicle and issue citations. The penalties included with the citation will be fines and other conditions.  

Civil lawsuits when a driver causes an accident

When a person is harmed in a car accident by another driver’s negligence, they can bring a civil case for various types of compensation. It is common for drivers who cause an accident to also be given citations for violating traffic laws, such as a failure to use their turn signals as required by the statute. Evidence of traffic violations is also evidence that a driver breached their standard duty of care on the roads for the purposes of a negligence case. However, the victim will still need to prove the other two remaining elements of negligence, causation and damages. The ultimate issue of responsibility for the collision is still left to the jury, even when traffic violations are introduced into evidence. Accident victims who need specific information about how citations and improper lane changes may factor into a lawsuit should contact an attorney for more information.

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