Austin, TX – Although many drivers follow traffic laws and regulations to avoid fines and tickets, they also serve important safety purposes. Drivers who cause accidents after violating a traffic law can also face additional consequences as well, including civil lawsuits related to a collision or criminal charges depending on the situation. Anyone who is considering suing another driver should contact a lawyer for advice specific to their accident.  

An important law is related to the use of turn signals. While these kinds of laws exist in every state, there are some nuances in each jurisdiction that are important for drivers to know. 

The Texas turn signal statute

Chapter 545 of the state’s transportation code covers the use of signals and other traffic laws. The state law says that a turn signal must be used at any time when a driver is about to change lanes, make a turn, or start their car from a parked position. When the car is in motion, this signal must be made for at least one hundred feet before the turn or lane change. The statute also indicates that drivers can use certain hand or arm signals if turn lights are not available on their vehicle. 

The purpose of these kinds of laws is to ensure that drivers are aware of when another vehicle may be entering their lane or suddenly changing position. 

Traffic law violations and negligence per se

Incidents that involve violation of any law which causes injury or death can be relevant in a negligence lawsuit through the doctrine of negligence per se. This is a way of helping the plaintiff argue that the defendant was negligent by offering proof that they broke a law that was meant to protect against the kind of harm that caused their injuries. The victim will not have to prove a breach of the relevant duty of care if negligence per se is established. 

In Texas, the plaintiff must meet three elements to prove negligence per se. First, that the defendant actually broke a relevant law, which usually involves offering a traffic citation as evidence. Second, that the law was written and passed with the intention of protecting victims from the relevant kind of harm, such as car accidents. Finally, that the victim was a member of the class that the law was meant to protect, which is usually all drivers and pedestrians in the case of traffic laws.

Meeting with a local injury attorney

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