Pedestrian accidents are common in New York City as the streets are constantly filled with anxious tourists, rushing residents, and a constant flow of traffic.

New York City accident attorneys nearby

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Walking down the streets of New York City is a far more common method of travel as opposed to operating a vehicle. The city attracts tourists, citizens from neighboring cities and states, and residents which is makes it one of the busiest cities to live in or visit. It is expected to encounter immense buildings towering overhead, large crowds of people, cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, vendors, and much more while traveling up any of the city’s streets. However, one thing that isn’t a common occurrence is seeing a pedestrian being knocked to the ground by a hammock.  Unfortunately, one woman who was visiting from the United Kingdom experienced this as she was walking past a Tribeca building.

Tourist Visiting NYC Hit by Falling Hammock

According to CBS New York, the 48-year-old woman was touring New York City with her husband when the incident transpired. The two were walking down Park Place near Church Street. Apparently, a hammock with a wooden base fell 50 feet from a TriBeCa House residential building. The rainy and windy weather is said to have been the cause of the hammock falling. The woman did suffer from some pretty serious injuries and was transported to NYC Health Hospitals/Bellevue.
While the Department of Buildings wasn’t needed for help regarding this accident, it was highlighted that it could have been prevented. This is an indicator for a New York City accident attorney that negligence may have been a factor and hence, would suffice as a viable accident claim.
It was also highlighted that the department generally receives alerts from the Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service when winds reach a speed of 30 mph or higher. They weren’t informed during the time of this incident and the winds reportedly weren’t moving at a 30-mph rate. However, it is hard to decipher how strong winds really are as the big buildings almost have a tunneling effect which increases the wind speeds. The Department of Buildings is also responsible for making sure all tenants comply when given a wind warning and asked to remove any mobile objects that could be lifted into the air. And if they don’t, they could face a fine of up to $10,00 to $25,000.

What are Some Common Types of Pedestrian-Related Accidents?

New York City is prone to having accidents occur as there is a significant amount of traffic going in and out of the city both in vehicles and on foot. While the incident involving the hammock is out of the norm, there are other types that result in injuries and would require you to file a claim with the help of a New York City accident lawyer.
Some of the common types of pedestrian accidents that occur include:

  • Back over accidents
  • Struck by mobile objects such as debris from construction sites.
  • Being hit while crossing the street.
  • Being struck by a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or other pedestrian.

If you were injured in an accident in NYC, consider calling as they can place you in contact with the best accident attorneys in New York City who will get you the compensation you demand.

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