Culpable negligence can make the difference between major compensation and complete insolvency[/caption]

One of the biggest issues prospective clients have when searching for an attorney is knowing whether or not an attorney is right for them. Not just in a personal preference sense, but most importantly, in terms of whether or not they can solve their issues as it pertains to a specific case. When a car accident occurs, it’s vital to realize that more often than not, there is some issue of negligence that is at work. In instances where it can be proven that one party was operating their motor vehicle in a careless and negligent manner, then you might be entitled to legal compensation. This is especially important to consider if an accident happens in Jackson, MS, as oftentimes, victims of accidents are completely unaware of their privileges as it pertains to accidents and issues of that nature. But in order to understand instances where it might be prudent to hire an attorney, it’s easier to recognize a few situations where there is no doubt that culpable negligence was involved with an accident in Jackson, MS.

Examples of culpable negligence:

  • Being struck by another motorist who was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or some other narcotic or substance that would impair motor skills
  • Being struck by a motorist who, despite not being impaired or under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, operated the vehicle in a reckless or dangerous manner. For example, drastically exceeding posted speed limits or maneuvering the vehicle in a tremendously erratic manner.

Proving Negligence

One might assume that detecting whether or not the other driver was acting culpably negligent is obvious, but oftentimes, crash investigations are hastily handled by local law enforcement, who typically are the first responders on scene that handle the crash investigation. While fire rescue typically responds to more serious accidents, law enforcement is often tasked with handling any accident in Jackson, MS. It’s also important to realize that many times, law enforcement is handling a number of other calls at the same time and may not devote the necessary investigative effort that a culpably negligent crash would demand, meaning that you might lose out on crucial compensation. This is precisely why hiring a good accident lawyer in Jackson, MS is vital because they can ensure that the right due diligence is performed.

While insurance will often cover any damage done to your vehicle if you’re injured or hospitalized, there may be much more compensation that you rightfully deserve. Oftentimes, a crash report will contain boxes or areas where an investigating officer or deputy will indicate whether or not a driver involved in the accident was intoxicated. Oftentimes, because of call volume, ineptitude, or lack of investigative prowess, a driver that was inebriated or under the influence might not be documented as such. If you were injured by a driver that was likely culpably negligent, that’s an instance where a good lawyer is going to step in and ensure that the responsible party is liable for damages in civil court.

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