Which veterans are able to file lawsuits related to service at Camp LeJeune?

San Antonio, TX – There is ongoing legal action related to health problems sustained by veterans who served at the Camp LeJeune base. Some people who lived and worked in the area have sustained various types of cancer, kidney problems, immune disorders, and other serious health issues. The problems were so widespread that the U.S. Congress passed an act to set aside funding for veterans who can prove that they were present in the area at the time and potentially exposed to harmful materials in the water supply.  

The time period for the relevant litigation

The main time period of focus for the Camp LeJeune lawsuits is from 1953 to 1987. This is because there were known issues with water contamination at the base at this time which remained unresolved. People who were serving at this time should meet with a local lawyer to get advice regarding any potential claim. If a veteran who served before or after this time period developed health problems, they may also be able to speak with a lawyer to see if they can proceed with a lawsuit. Health problems have been discovered in family members of veterans who served in the area as well. Their families may be eligible for additional compensation. 

What caused the problems at the base?

Various tests and research discovered that things like dry cleaning chemicals, fuel, radioactive material, and other dangerous pollutants had entered the water supply at Camp LeJeune. Even after these issues were initially discovered, the government had tried to keep the information from the public to avoid liability. This means that the time frame for this exposure lasted for decades before the serious nature of the problems at the base were disclosed. 

How much compensation is available?

As in other injury cases, the amount of money that any individual veteran will receive can vary greatly. This depends on things like the nature of the injuries or health problems, any evidence of negligence by the government that is directly related to their condition, and other factors that should be discussed with a lawyer. Generally speaking, those who were more severely harmed will attempt to argue for larger amounts. Damages can be related to medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other problems caused by the water contamination. 

Meeting with an attorney

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