Some truck drivers end up facing criminal charges if they hit or kill another person while driving and do not contact the police. 

A fatal hit and run truck accident occurred in the White Plains New York area, and police conducted a three month investigation before the suspect was finally charged.

Dump truck driver kills young man then leaves to continue working

The accident occurred on the Bronx expressway near White Plains Road in Parkchester. A dump truck collided with a young man on the highway at about 2:30 am. The truck, owned by a company from Saddle Brook, New Jersey, drove away while the victim was lying on the side of the road. 

The 21 year old victim was killed on the scene from the impact. The driver did eventually tell his boss when he returned to Saddle Brook with the vehicle. He was initially questioned by police for a brief period of time, but no criminal charges were filed immediately following the accident. 

The suspect was later arrested for leaving the scene and failing to show identification to police officers after the accident. After he was booked, he was allowed to leave the Bronx Criminal Court facility without posting a bond. 

The victim’s family had been in contact with the local police and was concerned that nothing was being done. They said they knew the suspect’s identity and wondered why the police waited for a few months before formally filing charges. A source from the local police said they had been working with the district attorney’s office on the case and investigating the incident. There were some concerns that the victim may have been intoxicated and wandered onto the road when he was hit. The police also apparently were confused regarding whether anyone had called 911 at the scene to report the accident. They likely made a false assumption that the accident was initially reported by the driver when it definitely was not. 

Parkchester is located between White Plains and the Bronx.   

Accidents that raise both criminal and civil points of law

This news story brings up several different civil and criminal law issues. Unfortunately for most victims, the process of bringing criminal charges and prosecuting a suspect is mostly out of their hands. This can be frustrating for many people as it was for the victim’s family in the aftermath of this fatal truck accident

In most cases, the best thing a victim or their family can do is cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation and retain their own attorney to file a civil case against the person who is responsible. This will help them receive compensation for treatment for injuries, property repairs, or even funeral expenses in fatal cases. 

A civil personal injury or wrongful death case can be filed against the person or business responsible for the accident, regardless of the disposition of the criminal charges. That means the civil and criminal cases may have different outcomes, and materials from the criminal investigation will only be used as evidence of negligence in the civil case. 

Learn more about truck accident lawsuits 

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