Who can bring a Camp LeJeune lawsuit and how much money will they receive?

Traverse City, MI – Many individuals who served in the military between the 1950s and 1980s at Camp LeJeune could possibly have been exposed to dangerous chemicals. The water supply at the base was contaminated for an extended period of time by fuel and dry cleaning chemicals, and people who were living in and around the base could have used the residential water supply for tasks such as cleaning, drinking, and cooking. Over the years since this contamination has happened, there have been numerous health problems such as cancer, organ damage, nerve damage, and birth defects that have been linked to exposure to these contaminants. 

Who can receive compensation?

The government is now paying for the medical costs and other damages of people who can prove service or residence at the base from 1953 to 1987. Anyone who has potentially been exposed to the contaminants in this area should review their concerns with an attorney to see if they qualify. People who want to file a claim should also have some kind of formal medical documentation or diagnosis of an injury or condition that can potentially be linked to their time at Camp LeJeune to help prove their service at the base was the actual cause of the problem.    

How is compensation determined in water contamination lawsuits?

If a person is eligible to make a claim for compensation, there are several variables that can affect how much will be paid out. This is because no two injury lawsuits are exactly alike.

In recent years, a total of several billion dollars have been allocated by the government towards paying for the damage caused by the Camp LeJeune water contamination. This amount will be split between all veterans who file claims and receive a payout. While it can be difficult to estimate the compensation in each case without referring to specific facts, most personal injury lawsuits and similar cases settle for anywhere between a few thousand to over one hundred thousand dollars. As a general rule, people who have life changing injuries such as cancer or permanent disabilities tend to be able to ask for more compensation than those who have less serious health issues.   

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