Who decides how much a car accident victim in San Antonio, Texas should receive in damages?

Who decides how much a car accident victim in San Antonio, Texas should receive in damages?

If an individual is seeking damages (i.e. financial relief) from another party for the injuries they suffered in an auto accident in San Antonio, there are a few parties who shall decide how much they should get. The first party whose input will help decide how much a victim should receive in damages is a San Antonio, TX car accident lawyer. Car accident attorneys are generally the first to assess an accident victim’s case and decide what it is worth.

Some of the things an attorney will take into account that helps them derive at an amount include:

  • The types of injuries they suffered and the degree of their injury.
  • How their injuries have and will impact their life and livelihood.
  • Who caused the accident?
  • How much the victim has accrued in medical expenses?
  • Whether the victim is unable to work or has already missed work.
  • The impact the victim’s injuries will have on their family.


After a lawyer has assessed an accident victim’s case and determined how much they are entitled to, they can disclose this amount in the victim’s lawsuit which will then be served on the other party. Now, although a victim is permitted to request that another party compensate them for their injuries or losses given that party was responsible for causing the accident, it doesn’t necessarily mean they must provide them with this.


What Happens After a Car Accident Victim Files a Lawsuit?


After a car accident victim files their lawsuit that stipulates how much they are seeking, the party being sued will have a chance to respond to the lawsuit. They can either refute the claims being made against them or decide to pay the victim the money they are seeking. If the other party chooses to refute the claims, the case will go to court.

In court, the judge and/or jury will be given the opportunity to assess both sides of the case and determine if the victim has a viable case and whether the amount they are seeking is fair or too high. During this time, the other party may offer the victim a settlement. If the victim accepts, the case will close. If not, the court will determine if and how much compensation the victim should receive.

Therefore, there are at least three parties who shall play a role in determining how much a car accident victim should receive in damages. This includes the victim’s lawyer, the party being sued, and the court.


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