Who is liable for a moving truck accident in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale, FL— The last thing anyone expects while they are in the process of moving is to engage in an accident while driving the moving truck they rented. Sadly, these types of accidents do occur and often leave those involved with many questions including:

  • Who is liable?
  • Who will pay for the vehicle damage?
  • Is the moving company liable for covering injuries and other accident-related expenses?
  • How is compensation recovered?


The answer to these questions mainly depends on who was at fault for causing the accident. If that isn’t clear, a Fort Lauderdale, FL accident lawyer can help a victim determine this.


If the Accident was Caused by the Moving Truck Driver


In the event the moving truck driver was responsible for causing the accident, his/her insurance company or the moving company’s insurance carrier may help cover the damage and injuries that were sustained. According to Nationwide, some insurance companies may extend a driver’s coverage to moving trucks, but there is a chance that there won’t be enough coverage available to pay for all the accident-related costs.

This is why moving truck companies and insurance carriers suggest that those who are renting a moving truck purchase supplemental liability insurance when they rent a truck.


If the Accident was Caused by the Driver of a Passenger Vehicle


If the moving truck driver was not responsible for causing the accident but another driver was, then their insurance policy should help pay for property damage, injuries, and any other costs their policy covers. If the renter purchased personal accident and cargo protection from the rental company, then this too may help cover any costs the at-fault driver’s insurer won’t cover.


In the event there isn’t enough insurance to pay for all the accident-related costs, then the truck driver might want to contact Madalon Law to discuss with a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney whether they need to file a personal injury lawsuit.


Hiring a Fort Lauderdale, FL Accident Attorney After Engaging in a Moving Truck Crash


It can benefit a moving truck accident victim to retain an accident lawyer as they are going to help them identify who is liable for the accident. In some cases, this might be obvious, but in others, there may be underlying factors that contributed to the accident. For instance, if the driver of the moving truck engaged in a rear-end accident but found that the brakes weren’t properly working when it came time for them to avoid a collision, then the moving truck company might actually share some of the blame.

Moving truck companies are required to maintain their vehicles and ensure they are in safe working condition. For those that don’t, they can be held liable if a defective part contributes to an accident. Therefore, if defective brakes were a contributing factor to the collision, then the moving company be able liable or partially liable for the wreck.

In addition to establishing liability, an attorney is also going to help a victim fight for the compensation they are due. Victims of moving truck accidents can contact Madalon Law if they have questions concerning their rights or are looking to collect the money they are due for the injuries they suffered.


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