Who is responsible when a pothole causes an accident in Kendall, Florida?

Potholes are not only likely to cause damage to the vehicles that come in contact with them, but they can also lead to accidents occurring. When warmer temperatures are present, potholes often form when soil erosion occurs underneath the roadway which causes weak spots to develop.1 As vehicles drive over these weakened areas, the pressure can then cause them to collapse.

After a pothole has formed, it can be particularly dangerous to drivers and even their vehicles. Below are just a few ways potholes can impact a driver’s vehicle and potentially cause a collision:


  1. Tire blow outs

Potholes may not only jolt a vehicle out of the path it was traveling in, but it can also cause the tire’s sidewall to blow out. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cited that in 2017, 738 traffic fatalities were recorded, all of which stemmed from tire-related issues. Some of these issues may have occurred as a result of a tire blow out.

If a driver’s tire blew out as a result of hitting a pothole, they may have a claim against the city as it is the city’s duty to repair the roadway. If a driver was involved in an accident that was caused by a pothole in Kendall, the FL car accident lawyers at Miller Trial Law can determine if they have a valid claim and who it can be filed against.


  1. Damage to suspension or steering components

Sometimes, a pothole can cause damage to a vehicle’s suspension or steering components, according to Geico. This can result in a vehicle being pulled more to the right or the left when it is being driven.


Bringing a Claim Against the City or Another Driver After a Pothole Accident


When a driver engages in a wreck after hitting a pothole in Kendall, the city and/or another driver may be held liable for the accident. It depends on the factors that contributed to it occurring. For instance, if another driver was engaging in careless behavior at the time of the accident, although the pothole may have been a top contributing factor, the other driver may still be held partially liable for covering the damage the incident caused.

Because pothole cases can be a little more complex than other types of car crash cases, those who have been involved in a collision are always advised to contact a Kendall, FL car accident attorney directly after an accident. To speak with a Kendall, FL car accident lawyer who is qualified to determine which parties a claim can be brought against after an accident, contact Miller Trial Law.


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