Cedar Rapids, IA – Many people think of common injury cases that lawyers handle as situations where a person slips on a wet floor while shopping at a grocery store or similar retail establishment. The reasoning behind these kinds of lawsuits has to do with the relevant duty of care placed on property owners to keep areas safe for their intended use. There is a fairly broad area of premises liability law that deals with these kinds of issues and other related problems.  

Concepts related to premises liability

Whenever someone is hurt because a person or business makes a mistake, the entity or party responsible may have to pay damages to the victim. This is true in various kinds of accident cases, whether motor vehicles are involved or someone is hurt on the property of a business or individual owner. Because damages are relative to things like medical costs, lost income and wages, and other problems, the person at fault will generally have to pay larger amounts as the injuries become more severe.   

The relevant standard of care

All owners of properties, especially those where guests are expected during the normal course of business, must meet a certain standard of care. The property owner is considered to be negligent as a matter of law if the victim can prove that the owner failed to keep the property in a safe condition for guests and normal use. Evidence relevant to the standard of care may include known obstacles and debris in walkways, conditions created by severe weather, and incidents where people have been hurt in the past. 

There are a number of additional pieces of evidence that can help prove whether the owner was negligent or not. Most lawyers will send discovery requests for things like property cleaning and maintenance records, and information about building codes. If any of these items indicate improper care of the property, this can be relevant to negligence and a breach of the duty of care. 

Legal help

It is important for victims to notify a local injury attorney and retain their services if they can agree on representation. Negligence is a complex area of tort law, and it can be difficult for the victim to prove that the owner violated their duty of care without a firm understanding of the legal principles involved. 

Finding out more about property law and accidents

When someone is hurt on the property of a business in Iowa, they can get in touch with a local lawyer to get help with paying for medical costs. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is an experienced injury firm that helps clients throughout the state. 

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