Baton Rouge, LA – Motor vehicle crashes leave drivers with a number of different expenses. A less obvious cost is often increases in insurance rates, which the driver may not begin paying immediately. There are a number of factors that insurance companies use to increase a driver’s rates, and sometimes simply being involved in an accident requires a new risk assessment. Anyone who has been affected by a car accident can also get legal help to deal with insurance companies and file an injury lawsuit against the person or business responsible. 

The seriousness of the accident matters

When an insurance company looks to reevaluate a driver’s rates, not all collisions are treated the same. An accident that only results in minor damage to a bumper will not be nearly as costly as a crash that totally destroys a car. Insurance rates tend to go up as the provider needs to pay out larger amounts for repairs. This also makes them consider the driver a more serious risk on the roads, and the person will be more costly to insure as the likelihood of more collisions increases. Rate increases generally only follow accidents where the driver is at least partially at fault as well.  

Types of accidents that do not cause insurance increases

In some cases, the insurance provider does not charge a driver for being involved in an accident. These situations normally cover incidents where the driver was clearly not at fault at all. This includes when the driver’s car was hit while parked, damage done by wild animals, and hit and run accidents. Any driver who believes that they were not at fault for an accident should contact their insurance company and attempt to explain the situation. 

The need for legal services

All drivers should realize that insurance companies are businesses and they need to generate profit. If someone is concerned with how they were treated after a collision, and they feel that they should be compensated for their losses, a meeting with an attorney should be scheduled. This is the best way to receive specific advice about how any driver should respond to their accident. The lawyer can make sure that the insurance provider is actually following the law, not denying legitimate claims, and try to receive compensation for the client. Financial costs that can be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit include medical treatment costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses that are directly caused by the collision. 

Louisiana accident lawyers

Accident victims have the option of getting legal advice from a local attorney after any incident. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that focuses on injury cases in the Baton Rouge area. 

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