Does the insurance company always have to pay on an accident claim?

Las Vegas, NV – All drivers in Nevada and every other state are required to have active auto insurance while using the roads. At minimum, most states require several thousand dollars of liability coverage in case of an accident. However, there is another problem with car insurance and severe accidents where large scale losses are usually too expensive to be covered by a standard insurance policy. In these cases, the victim should look to retain an attorney and see if a personal injury lawsuit is necessary. 

Insurance policy limitations

Policy limits are generally set at somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000 for property damage and injuries tied to a car collision. In addition to these maximum limits, insurance companies also find out ways to avoid paying the maximum amount based on the type of damage involved, who is at fault for the accident, and other factors. Anyone who has filed a claim with an insurance company should realize that they have teams of professionals to protect their own financial interests, even when their own customers are filing a claim based on a policy that they have already paid for. 

Drivers can always choose to purchase more robust policies, but if someone sustains permanent injuries or very high medical costs, it is unlikely that an insurance policy will simply pay out enough to cover everything. The specific insurance company may also have certain conditions within any policy regarding how much they will cover from any given accident. 

Any driver who is concerned about these issues can contact their provider with specific questions, or possibly switch to another provider that offers more comprehensive coverage. 

Personal injury lawsuits and damages

The advantage of a personal injury lawsuit is that it allows a victim to summarize various types of losses, and argue that the defendant should have to pay for all of them. For lawsuits where a victim sustains a life changing injury, or loses their ability to work, the compensation through a settlement or after a trial may reach hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Lawyers who represent plaintiffs in these kinds of cases are skilled negotiators, and they know how to argue for the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law in any given situation. Specifics about the amount of money available to a victim should be directed to the attorney handling the case. 

Local assistance after collisions

Southwest Injury Law helps people in Las Vegas after various types of accidents involving motor vehicles. Anyone who wants more information about lawsuits and the process to receive compensation for their injuries can get in touch with an experienced attorney at the firm.

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