Why should a driver consider their lifestyle when purchasing insurance?

When purchasing auto insurance in Florida, drivers often consider one thing—the cost of coverage. Instead of considering the environment they must drive in as well as their lifestyle, they are generally worried about how much they are going to have to pay their insurer each month and usually opt for less coverage in exchange for a lower policy price.

Unfortunately, choosing the cheaper policy isn’t always the best idea, especially for drivers who are required to travel through busy areas where accidents occur often. When a driver buys a policy solely because of the lower price, they could be putting themselves at risk of not having enough coverage in the event of a collision.

And in Florida, car crashes are something that happen all too frequently.


What factors should be considered when buying car insurance in Florida?


A person’s lifestyle should play a large role in determining what type of insurance and how much of it they should buy. Instead of focusing only on price, drivers should also consider:


  1. Whether they have assets.

If a driver were to engage in a serious collision and they only purchased the minimum insurance coveragesthe State of Florida requires that they carry, they could be held liable for covering any damage their insurance carrier won’t pay for.

For example, if a motorist suffered a traumatic brain injury and the at-fault party only purchased enough insurance to cover a small portion of their medical bills, the victim could sue the driver for the remaining compensation they are due. If the liable party doesn’t have enough funds to pay the victim any amount a judge rules they are entitled to, then certain assets may be at risk of being taken.1


  1. The type of vehicle they purchased.

If an individual purchased a luxury vehicle, they should consider buying enough coverage so that in the event of an accident, they can get their vehicle repaired without having to pay too much out of pocket.


  1. The area where they drive most often.

Certain areas are more prone to car crashes than others. If a motorist is required to travel in an area where accidents are always happening, it is best that they are adequately insured so that they don’t put their assets or savings at risk of being taken or used.


Should a car accident victim retain a lawyer following a collision in Daytona Beach?


Car accident victims are always encouraged to consult with a Daytona Beach, FL accident lawyer following a crash so that they can:


In the event a car accident victim doesn’t want to handle the claims process on their own or they want to be sure they receive a fair amount from the insurer and/or at-fault party, they can retain a Daytona Beach accident attorney who will help them.

Pappas and Russell, P.A. is an accident law firm located in Daytona Beach that would be happy to help a car crash victim determine who the liable parties are and pursue them for the compensation they are entitled to collect.


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