Why was there a recall of some cpap machines in Michigan and other states?

Detroit, MI – There has been a wide scale recall of certain machines used by people with sleep apnea due to the possibility of cancer and other health problems from normal use. The machines were manufactured by Philips Respironics, and there are attorneys representing clients who have started to notice issues. The manufacturer may be liable for paying for any health problems caused by their product. Legal representation is the best way for anyone who has used the machines to ensure compensation if they are eligible. 

Background of the recall

Various cpap machines, bipap machines, and ventilators used in both home and clinical settings were insulated with foam to reduce noise while the user slept. Over time, this foam started to break down and ended up in the breathing apparatus. This caused users to inhale toxic chemicals and materials that resulted in various health problems. Users can check the manufacturer’s website to see if they may have been exposed due to a defective machine. Several different models were included in the recall, while other machines made by the same manufacturer are considered safe.  

Health problems caused by the machines

There are a number of different issues that were tied to the foam insulation breakdown. Users that had inhaled the substances experienced irritation, breathing issues, asthma, headaches, coughs, breathing problems, and the possibility of certain kinds of cancer. It is also possible that other health problems may start to emerge over time due to consistently inhaling this toxic foam. Anyone who has used the machine should try to get medical advice from a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor’s recommendations should be followed closely, and they may be able to diagnose any potential problem caused from the use of the machines. 

Products liability lawsuits

Product recalls are done by manufacturers after problems are discovered to try to limit their liability. The area of products liability makes it so that manufacturers are liable for anyone harmed by their products during normal use. This is supposed to give an incentive for thorough research and testing, and cause businesses to want to ensure safety for all customers. Otherwise, they can face significant financial losses due to injuries or death caused by the product. Compensation from a lawsuit can include costs of healthcare, lost income and wages, pain and suffering, and other financial losses due to the defective machines. 

Assistance with the recall lawsuit

There are attorneys who can work with people who have been hurt by defective cpap machines and other problems in Michigan. Marshall P. Whalley and Associates is a trusted resource for local clients who have sustained injuries

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