Why were CPAP machines made by Philips recalled in Florida and other states?

West Palm Beach, FL – A product recall happens when serious problems and the risk of various dangers are discovered during its normal use. Users of certain CPAP and BiPAP machines made by Philips Respironics have been informed of the possibility of serious health problems. Anyone who has been using a CPAP machine or certain ventilators in clinical settings can check the manufacturer’s website for recall information, then get medical advice if they have used a recalled product. 

What caused the product recall?

The machines in question had been insulated to minimize the amount of noise that they would make while the user sleeps. However, the manufacturer did not realize that over time this insulation foam would break down. Some people who were using these machines started to ingest particles of the foam through the breathing apparatus while they slept. People who had been exposed to the foam from the machines started to notice various symptoms including irritation, respiratory issues, and headaches, and there is the possibility that the insulation material is carcinogenic and may cause cancer in certain users.  

When these types of issues are discovered in any product, the recall is a way of minimizing potential harm caused by its use, and limiting the manufacturer’s liability for an entire class of victims.  

Remedies for victims

People who are harmed by defective products may be entitled to various forms of compensation though a few different theories of liability. This includes negligence and strict liability for releasing defective products. This gives a manufacturer an incentive to be responsible for conducting sufficient testing to ensure that their products will not harm the public during normal, intended uses.

Compensation in a products liability lawsuit can be divided into a few different categories depending on the specific losses and actions of the manufacturer. Economic damages will help cover things like medical costs and time away from work for the victims. Non-economic damages are meant to compensate the victim for physical pain, mental trauma, and quality of life problems. 

It is also possible that punitive damages may be available for the victim as a form of punishment against the manufacturer. Before the recall happened, there is some evidence that customers had been complaining of problems with the CPAP machines in question, but Philips did not take any action until much later. 

Local attorneys are available 

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