The allegations against pediatric dentist Dr. Howard Schneider just seem to keep piling on. The dentist who was previously accused of hurting little children and mistreating them has now been served with divorce papers from his wife’s divorce attorney.

According to court documents, his wife claims that despite almost as much as $4 million through Medicaid payments over the previous 5 years. Dr. Schneider hid his income and did allow his wife any access to his bank accounts. Apparently he thought she had enough pairs of shoes.
Accused dentist’s wife not so innocent herself
However, there is another twist to the story, as reported by The medical malpractice attorney representing over 50 patients who all allege that Dr. Schneider mistreated them says that the pediatric dentist’s wife may not be all the innocent. He confirmed that Deborah Schneider in fact worked as the office manager at their clinic and was herself in charge of all Medicaid billing.
The attorney also confirmed that Dr. Schneider was cooperating with his requests and had only recently sent the attorney a whole boxful of patient records as per the attorney’s requests. The attorney said he has scheduled a date in late July when he is going to be meeting with the patients in question and discussing more details on how to go about the lawsuit.
In the initial accusations, it has been alleged that Dr. Schneider worked with a motivation to make personal financial gains and did not really care for the well-being of his little patients. He got paid per tooth.
Since the complaints have surfaced against the pediatric dentist, his clientele has dried up, his staff all left, and he has been forced to shut down his practice. According to the attorney representing the 50 odd patients, his wife has now filed for divorce knowing very well that she has to financially gain as much as possible before the dentist’s funds start dissipating. She better go dust off her resume and contemplate finding a job in this recession that continues because of high taxes and regulations. Deborah should have a lot on her mind now.
Demented Florida man files for divorce, sparks nationwide debate
As reported by Action News Jax, a recent application for divorce has got the whole country questioning whether the mentally ill should even be allowed to file for divorce. Real estate mogul Martin Zelman has been diagnosed with dementia. He does not know what year he is living in or who the president of the country is, but he does know one thing – he doesn’t want to be married to his wife anymore!
Why does she want to be married to him? Is it the money?
His divorce attorney recently filed for divorce, but the case is unique in many ways admitted a Florida Circuit Court judge.
Lois is going to get something regardless
On one hand, Martin has three adult children who are trying to push their step mom out of the picture to get their hands on an estimated $10 million. On the other hand is Martin’s 80-year old wife Lois Zelman who he has been married to for the previous 22 years. Lois is fighting the divorce, but according to her step children, she only wants to remain married to the wealthy old man so that she can acquire Martin’s property and finances. Well, she is going to get something no matter what.
Even the fantastic local divorce attorneys on the site are pondering all the directions this case could take.

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