After getting into a car accident in Houston, Texas, a person should take the appropriate legal action in order to get compensation for any damages they may have faced. This is especially true if they faAced bodily injuries after their accident. It can be very expensive to get the appropriate medical treatment for any physical injuries a person incurred.
The main question which arises when it comes to deciding where to obtain the finances in order to pay the medical bills, is whose insurance is going to cover the costs? Will a person have to claim their own insurance or will they be able to get the coverage from the other driver’s insurance?
At the end of the day, it all boils down to who was actually at fault, especially in Texas. The driver, who is deemed by the court to be more at fault, will have to provide the insurance coverage for the other driver.  So if a person was injured because the other driver had not been following proper traffic laws, or because the other driver had been driving under the influence, then the injured person can claim the other driver’s insurance to pay for their medical bills.
However, if the accident occurred because the driver was negligent themselves- so they basically caused the injuries to themselves- then it will most likely be required for them to claim their own insurance.

What happens if my medical bills are very high after an accident?

Unfortunately, most drivers only carry around enough insurance to cover $30,000 of bodily injuries. So if a person was hit by a negligent driver and the injuries they incurred surpassed $30,000 in bills, they will most likely have to claim their own insurance alongside the other driver’s insurance to get enough financial compensation to cover the costs.
A person will only be able to claim as much as the specific insurance company allows according to their policies. Getting the help of a legal professional to help figure out how much a person can really claim is always the best route to pursue when a person finds themselves in such a situation.
There are many different types of coverage a person can have, one of them is bodily injury liability insurance. It is important to note that if a person carries bodily injury liability insurance they will not be able to use that for themselves as it is only applicable for use if another driver is injured by the insurance holder.

When should I make my insurance claim?

Many insurance companies have a specified timeframe in which a person is allowed to make their claim after the accident. It is necessary that a person contacts their insurance company as soon as possible after getting into an accident, especially if they got badly hurt. However, before calling in the insurance company it is always best to contact a legal professional in Houston, Texas who is well-versed with such situations and who can communicate with the insurance company on the injured person’s behalf in order to maximize the amount of compensation they might be able to receive.