With Winter only a few days away, many states across the U.S. are experiencing cold temperatures. Snow has already fallen in many of the northern states and even Florida saw a blanket of snow around the “Welcome to Florida” sign that stands at the state line. While many welcome this chilly weather with open arms, we have to remember that snowy roadways can be rather dangerous to drive on. The roads are generally more slippery after snow has fallen making them icy, increasing your chances of engaging in an accident.
Fox 10 TV has already reported that several accidents have transpired as a result of the recent snowfall that occurred on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. A severe accident involving a Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck and an 18-wheeler was only one of the many that were reported. It occurred on the I-10 Bayway in the westbound lanes near the Wallace Tunnel, according to the news site. Luckily, both drivers were able to walk away from the accident, however, the pickup truck looked as though it was a fatal accident.
The drivers of both the trucks lost control and spun into a median wall. The pickup truck driver stated that all he thought about after colliding with the median wall was getting out of his truck. He stated, “I saw three 18-wheelers bearing down on me, so I jumped out and ran across the road and the 18-wheeler hit it and just demolished it.”
While these drivers were some of the lucky ones who managed to walk away from an accident, there are many others who aren’t and are forced to live out their lives in pain and misery. Therefore, to help keep you safe this winter, we encourage you to check out some winter driving tips that can be implemented now and in the future as the temperatures begin to fluctuate.

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Winter Driving Tips for 2017


  1. Adjust your speed based on the weather. If the roadways are icy or snow has fallen prior to you driving, decrease your chances of engaging in an accident by reducing your speed.
  2. Increase your stopping distance. Esurance recommends that you allow three times more distance to stop when driving in winter weather. Always leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  3. Give yourself some extra time. Because the inclement weather makes it harder to drive in, set aside more time to get to your destination rather than having to rush.
  4. Keep your windshield and windows clear and keep a snow brush or scraper in your vehicle.
  5. Avoid using cruise control. When driving on slippery surfaces, you need time to react and putting your vehicle in cruise control mode might make it more difficult to do this.
  6. Check your tire pressure and tread to be sure there is enough air and that you are driving on safe tires.
  7. Avoid slamming on your brakes.
  8. Don’t spin your wheels if you get stuck in the snow as this could overheat them and cause a minor explosion.

Remember, as excited as it might be to experience a change in weather, we can’t forget to take into account how it affects commuters.
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