The much awaited event – Wisconsin Bike League, kicked off with its opening ceremonies on Saturday last week. Sadly, on the same day, two bicyclists lost their lives to a bike crash that happened in Muskego in the southwestern district of Milwaukee, according to
According to police reports, the deceased have been identified as 45-year old Paul Brown and 54-year old Anthony Oliver. Supposedly, both men were from Oak Creek and were ploughed by a sports utility vehicle as they were cycling on Highway 36.

Not looking good for the driver
The driver of the SUV has been apprehended and taken into custody and prosecutors are seemingly deliberating as to what charges to file against the 20-year old driver. It seems likely that the driver may be slapped with a felony charge of negligent homicide.
Authorities are trying to hypothetically recreate the accident itself as they are attempting to comprehend what might have gone wrong. If you are in this situation or you have a family member who is, you do not have to wait for the police to figure out what exactly went wrong if you have a witness that says the other person was in the wrong. The police report will of course help you though. Your fantastic attorney that can be found on the site will tell you the same as well. This site has a plethora of sterling lawyers that you can choose from.
On a positive note, statistics show that even though the number of cyclists in the state has shot up exponentially, the number of deaths caused by bicycle accidents have gone down substantially.
Statistics indicate that only 4 bicyclists were killed in 2014 as opposed to 10 deaths each year in 2009 through 2013.
42-year old Milwaukee man charged for double fatal crash
A Milwaukee man identified as 42-year old Dwight Ragland has been charged in connection with a double fatal crash near Sherman and Glendale, according to
As per details listed in the police reports and gathered from witnesses and investigators, Ragland was operating a Chevy Tahoe and was travelling in a northerly direction on Sherman Boulevard. Reports suggest he was clearly speeding when he collided with another vehicle at an intersection. The other car was a Chevrolet Monte and both its occupants tragically died on the scene. The deceased have been identified as 26-year old Deshon Tyler and 25-year old Krystal Holder.
bike on a forest path
Ragland had also confessed to authorities that he had been drinking before he got behind the wheel. He admitted to having had no less than three pints of beer and 3 alcoholic cocktails. Blood tests performed on Ragland revealed that his blood alcohol content was at 0.11% much higher than the legal limit of 0.08%.
Ragland now faces multiple serious charges such as homicide by impaired vehicle use.
Auto-accident laws in Wisconsin
According to Wisconsin accident attorneys, it is mandatory to have auto insurance for any and all vehicles owned and operated in the state. Furthermore, state law also mandates minimum coverage amounts, these are $25,000 for injury/death of one by auto accident, $50,000 for injury/death of multiple persons, $10,000 for property damage.
Wisconsin also enforces a statute of limitations for auto-accident lawsuits. This statute of limitation dictates that a lawsuit must be filed within a maximum period of three years from the date of accident irrespective of whether the plaintiff is filing for personal injury or vehicle damage.
This is only the most basic of accident laws. If you or anyone is seeking compensation for injury/damages sustained due to the negligence of another person, it is crucial to appoint or at least consult an experienced Wisconsin accident attorney.

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