Trip and fall accidents are a common occurrence in work place environments and account for over eight million hospital visits [Source: National Floor Safety Institute]. For that reason, many workers are placed on what is known as workers’ compensation where they receive benefits while they recover from their injuries from their slip and fall accident. These benefits are generally awarded to cover medical expenses as well as loss of wages if the employee is required to spend time away from work. Sometimes, though, employees go a step further and file a lawsuit against their employer if their work accident resulted in a much harsher injury and they feel they aren’t being provided the benefits they are entitled to.
Because each slip and fall accident case does vary based on the circumstances surrounding it, only some employees actually win their case and are awarded the benefits they demanded.
If you are an employer who is seeking legal information regarding slip and fall accidents or need some legal representation as an employee of yours has filed a lawsuit against you or your business, can help you find an accident lawyer in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin who can help you. It is important that both employers and their employees’ rights are upheld in these types of matters and sometimes it requires an attorney to step in to ensure this occurs.

What are some ways employers can reduce slips, trips, and falls in their business?

Being prepared and implementing ways to avoid having employees engage in work accidents can help save you and your insurance company from having to file workers’ compensation claims if you are an employer in the state of Wisconsin. Therefore, below are some tips to keep in mind provided by Property Casualty 360 that help prevent further slip and fall accidents from occurring in your workplace setting.

  1. Keep the walkways clean and free of clutter.
  2. Ensure lighting isn’t an issue. Sometimes poor lighting may illuminate an area causing an employee to trip over something.
  3. Signs should be placed accordingly. If there is a step or an uneven ground, be sure there is a sign nearby indicating this.
  4. If you have stairs in your place of employment be sure to check for any unsecured rugs or carpets.
  5. Be sure you require your employees to wear proper footwear depending on the environment they are working in.
  6. If your workers are required to reach high levels, be sure a safe ladder or step stool is provided to them.
  7. Avoid having loose cords.
  8. Monitor floor conditions.
  9. Add a non-skid rug to tiles or hardwood floors as these surfaces are known to increase the chance of someone slipping and falling on it.
  10. Clean up any spills.

Keeping a workplace safe and hazard-free can help reduce work accidents that often result in an injured employee.
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