34-year old Christina Lawhon has succumbed to her injuries after she drove into the back of a parked police cruiser on Interstate – 64 in Huntington, West Virginia on the early hours of Friday morning, as reported by wsaz.com.

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Out of control driving
According to investigators, they are unsure if Lawhon was driving under the influence at the time of the crash. Why else would smash into another car’s behind? However, they confirmed that Lawhon had previously been arrested and convicted of DUI on one occasion and had also been apprehended once for driving on a suspended license. Investigators chose to await autopsy reports before making any further comments.
Media personnel were able to contact Lawhon’s brother Tony Lawhon, who commented that his sister was a remarkable person. But like anyone else in the world, she too wasn’t perfect and had some flaws. He further expressed his relief that no Police Officers or other persons were injured in the crash.
Tony himself used to be a policeman in Milton. His sister leaves behind an 8-year old daughter.
Murder or Accident? Investigation still on!
Parkersburg Law Enforcement authorities are not sure who to believe after they arrived as response to an emergency call to find one person dead with a bullet in his neck and another stood with a shotgun claiming it was an accident, as reported by wowktv.com.
According to investigators, the house was occupied by a female who rented the place, and she had informed the owner of the property that she was going to move out. When the owner arrived on scene to ensure everything was in proper condition, he found 55-year old Rocky Parsons’ dead body lying on the ground.

The female suspect informed officers that it was an accident. Supposedly, Parsons picked up the gun by the barrel and inadvertently caused it to fire. The identity of the suspect has not been made public for privacy and security reasons. Investigations are still on-going.
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West Virginia accident and personal injury legislation
There is an abundance of laws and technicalities surrounding auto accidents and personal injury claims in West Virginia. In addition accident and personal injury laws are complex to say the least and impossible for anyone not well versed with the law to successfully sue a negligent driver or auto insurer for compensatory damages. This is one reason why it is always prudent to consult an experienced Huntington WV accident attorney to represent you in the case. They can me reached right here. Just ask for James Barber!
However, even though it is unreasonable to expect a layman to be familiar with all the legislation, it is wise for all residents of West Virginia to be familiar with the statute of limitations in place and also to realize that West Virginia is a comparative fault state when it comes to accident claims.
Essentially, the statute of limitations dictates that a lawsuit should be filed within a maximum of two years from the time of the accident or incident.
Comparative fault is how West Virginia courts decide who is liable for the accident and by how much they are liable. So for instance, if it was determined that two parties were involved in a two car accident and party A was at fault by 75% and party B was at fault by 25%, party A will have to bear 75% of the cost of the damages and likewise, party B will be accountable for the remaining 25%.

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